Our food philosophy

Our food philosophy

We love Italy, partly for the food culture, but also the friendliness and the communal way to eat. The Italians relationship with their dishes, as a thing they love, is something we have embraced and will be reflected in what we serve.

The theme at Haga Bottega is mainly the Mediterranean, where we offer a generous selection of both traditional dishes from Italy that meet other exciting combinations brought from the Mediterranean. The dishes are either served at the Italian table in the heart of our dining room during lunch or served at your table, where they are invited to be shared, in true Italian manner.

We have put a lot of effort into creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in the restaurant where different constellations of friends, family and colleagues can meet around the dining table.

Our menu is a reflection of our food philosophy and varies according to season and mood. On it you will find pizza, antipasto, grilled dishes and gelato.

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